TeamME+ Select Group Coaching at Marshall Ellis Dance School

TeamME+ is a new addition to the Team ME  program starting June, 2019. Selected students from TeamME will be placed into specialized group coaching sessions that will be led by Marshall Ellis and Sara Havener. These weekly 1-hour sessions will focus on the needs of the group as a whole and each individual’s unique goals and abilities. Students will be properly assessed and provided with performance and/or exercise plans aimed to ensure they perform at their peak, avoid injury, and meet their goals throughout the year. This new training structure will help to maintain an environment that promotes healthy team building, communication, and support.

‘Train with ME’ at Marshall Ellis Dance School is the next generation of dance training and we are committed to your success not only as a dancer but in all aspects of life. 

Note: The focus for each session will change monthly and either be
strength or performance focused

TeamME+ Areas of Focus (strength/injury prevention)

Wellness Assessments (assessing for any imbalances in strength, flexibility, core and/or joint stability to prevent potential injuries)

  • Flexibility Training
  • Stability and balance training
  • Cardiorespiratory training
  • Core Training
  • Plyometric (reactive) training
  • Speed, agility, and quickness training
  • Resistance Training
  • Monthly Goals
  • Progress Reports (given every 3 months)

TeamME+ Areas of Focus (performance/artistic)

  • Artistry
  • Alignment
  • Coordination
  • Movement Quality
  • Ability to learn/pick up quickly
  • Choreography
  • Mental toughness
  • Musicality
  • Foot work
  • Jumps/Leaps/Turns
  • Partnering
  • Pointe Work

Tuition for this program is $50 per month when enrolled in unlimited classes. Combined tuition includes unlimited classes, 1 hour weekly coaching sessions, up to 2 hours of open studio space to rehearse solos, discounted studio rentals, and option to compete at national and international dance competitions.


TeamME offers a unique training program for students interested in achieving special goals as a young dancer. This program is open to dancers ages 8-18 and focuses on performance art and growing a strong performance foundation.

Competitions are not mandatory, however we view them as an additional performance opportunity.  

We offer Solos, Duo and Trio options for aspiring dancers.

Once enrolled in our unlimited class package, tuition for TeamME is $35/month. Parents and students will have the flexibility of choosing any competitions and conventions during the season. Team events will be selected so that students can attend as a unified force.

Solo, Duo and Trio students will have the freedom of choosing any choreographer they wish. Fees for choreography will be set by individual choreographer.

Students are able to rent studio time for $10/hr, and studio space is based on availability.

In order to compete under Marshall Ellis Dance School, you must be enrolled in the TeamME Program. All dancers must be approved by Marshall Ellis.

Simple Cost Breakdown

  1. Do you just want to compete under Marshall Ellis Dance School? Cost would be $35(TeamME) + $200(Unlimited Classes) = $235/month
  2. Do you want to compete under Marshall Ellis Dance School while receiving personalized Training? Cost would be $50(TeamME Plus) + $200(Unlimited Classes) = $250/month
  3. Do you want to become stronger and train with TeamME+? Cost would be $50(TeamME Plus) + $200(Unlimited Classes) = $250/month

Discounted Solo Rates for TeamME+ Students. Dedicated Solo Creation time will be separate for students interested in having a solo for competition.

Sara Havener

NASM Certified Personal Trainer / Wellness Coach / Teacher - Learn More

Marshall Ellis

Founder of TeamME+ - Learn More