TeamME will be offering a unique training program for students interested in achieving special goals as a young dancer. This program is open to dancers ages 8-18 and focuses on performance art and growing a strong performance foundation.

We offer Solos, Duo and Trio options for aspiring dancers.

Once enrolled in our unlimited class package, tuition for TeamME is $35/month. Parents and students will have the flexibility of choosing any competitions and conventions during the season. Team events will be selected so that students can attend as a unified force.

Solo, Duo and Trio students will have the freedom of choosing any choreographer they wish. Fees for choreography will be set by individual choreographer.

During competition season students will have open studio time to rehearse at no charge. These times will be set as TeamME rehearsal. Students are able to rent additional studio time for $10/hr and is based on availability. Special stage performances will take place at ME Theatre throughout the year. These performances will be open to the public.

In order to compete under Marshall Ellis Dance School you must be enrolled in the TeamME Program. All dancers must be approved by Marshall Ellis.


Additional private coaching options will be available based on availability. These options will be with any teachers at Marshall Ellis Dance School.

A special group coaching package with Marshall Ellis for $250 a month is available. This package is an audition based program and has limited availability.

If you are interested in becoming a member of TeamME please send a request to