Sponsor a Dancer!

Executive Student Sponsor $2400/year (provides classes to one student for 12 months)

Associate Student Sponsor $1200/6 months (provides classes to one student for 6 months)

Pointe Shoe Sponsor $100/month (provides a pair of pointe shoes to one dancer of our Elite Ballet Training Program, September-May)

We are looking for leaders like you to help shape the artists of tomorrow by sponsoring a student of Marshall Ellis Dance School for one year! We also have an option to sponsor a dancer for half of the school year! 

As a donor you will receive free tickets to all of our performances throughout the year in addition to exclusive invitations to observe classes and rehearsals for our professional and pre-professional companies. Executive Student Sponsors will also get the chance to have a behind the scenes look into Marshall Ellis’s multimedia inspired full length productions including what all goes into the lighting and design process.

Students of Marshall Ellis Dance School work hard each and everyday and some of our full time students train for up to 8 hours a day! Many of our students dream of one day becoming professional dancers and unfortunately many families can not afford or struggle to pay for all of their needed dance classes, costumes and shoes. 

By sponsoring a student dancer today you have the opportunity to provide a brighter future for an aspiring dancer tomorrow! We need more technically and artistically strong dancers in the Central Florida area in order to keep the tradition of dance alive and thriving.

Sponsor a student today and help shape the next generation of dancers!!!!!!!!