FAQ at Marshall Ellis Dance School

  1. Q: How much are classes? A: Each class is $10, or you can sign up for Unlimited Classes for $200/month. 

  2. Q: When are you open on holidays? A: We are open all holidays except the week of Thanksgiving and the week of Christmas.

  3. Q: Do you do  dance competitions? A: Yes, we have a population of our studio that does compete. In order to compete, you must be enrolled in our TEAM ME program. Tuition is $235/month and covers unlimited classes, free administration for competition registration, studio rehearsals and discounted studio rental for private lessons. 

  4. Q: Do you do group numbers at competitions? A: No. We only compete solo, duo or trios. We only allow students to compete for performance opportunity. The outcome of dance competitions are strictly subjective. 

  5. Q: If I am already enrolled in another training program, what is the additional tuition? A: Additional tuition would be $35/month to be involved with TEAM ME.

  6. Q: How old do students have to be in order to enroll in TEAM ME? A: Each dance competition has different age requirements. We follow competitions age restrictions. 

  7. Q: Do I have to compete at all dance competitions? A: No. Parents can choose any dance competition they want their child to attend. Registration has to be completed by Marshall Ellis Dance School. Any other outside registrations will be dismissed by TEAM ME and will no longer be sponsored by Marshall Ellis Dance School. All students must be approved by Marshall Ellis to represent the school.

  8. Q: What is TEAM ME PLUS? A: It is a special select opportunity to train with Marshall Ellis on a weekly basis. The tuition is $250/month. This program is subject to availability and by audition only. Other private lesson options are available with school staff. 

  9. Q: How much are private lessons? A: Private lesson rates are determined by individual teachers. To set up a private lesson, please contact classes@medanceschool.com to set a meeting. 

  10. Q: What is Elite Training Program? A: It is a very special opportunity for dancers to train in a daytime program focused on ballet technique. 

  11. Q: How much is the Elite Training Program? A: Tuition for ETP is $400/month from September to May.

  12. Q: How many hours do ETP students train? A: Students train from 16 to 42 hours weekly. Students in the program have complete access to all classes at Marshall Ellis Dance School. We help tailor a class schedule to match needs for both student and parents. 

  13. Q: If my child attends the daytime Elite Training Program, will he/she have time for school? A: Yes! With our recent expansion, we were able to design a homework area for our Elite Students. They will have 2-4 hours daily for academics, based on student needs.

  14. Q: What are ME1 and ME2? A: ME1 and ME2 are our pre-professional dance companies. These companies perform year-round at various events and festivals, building professional performance experiences and resume building opportunities. 

  15. Q: What is the difference between ME1 and ME2? A: The difference is age requirements. ME1 is for ages 8-13, and ME2 is for ages 14-21.

  16. Q: How much is ME1/ME2? A: Tuition for this program in $35/month, and the student must be enrolled in one of the Unlimited – Elite Programs. 

  17. Q: When does ME1/ME2 rehearse? A: These groups rehearse every Saturday from 2-4 p.m., plus some additional rehearsals as needed before shows.

  18. Q: What if my child has to miss a rehearsal? A: Each situation in unique. It will be handled by the Program Directors, either Marshall Ellis, Darlene Chudzinski, Lauren Sherwood, Daniel Hunalp. Missing scheduled rehearsals may affect casting and performances. 

  19. Q: What is the Elite Ballet Company? A: It is our youth-based ballet company. It is an audition-only program, and members will perform classical repertoire throughout the year. 

  20. Q: What is the tuition for the EBC opportunity? A: Tuition for this program in $35/month, and the student must be enrolled in one of the Unlimited – Elite Programs. 

  21. Q: When does EBC rehearse? A: Dancers have company class on Saturday mornings from 10-11:30 a.m., and they rehearse from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

  22. Q: Can my child be enrolled in multiple pre-professional programs? A: Yes. Rehearsal times won’t conflict. Each program has specific age requirements, please reference menu above.

  23. Q: What is OTOWN TAPS? A: It is one of our newest youth companies. It is tap-based, and the Artistic Director is Daniel Hunalp. 

  24. Q: When will OTOWN TAPS rehearse? A: Tuesday evenings from 7:30-8:30 p.m., based on casting needs.

  25. Q: What is the tuition for OTOWN TAPS? A: Tuition for this program in $35/month, and the student must be enrolled in one of the Unlimited – Elite Programs.